November Challenge 2016

November Mental Health Challenge: Nobody Has “Perfect” Mental Health

Okay, so I understand that there is major flaw in this Jolvie Challenge plan! That is: Trying to accomplish healthy habits daily is a major thing for someone to ask of themselves, when they’re depressed. It can feel impossible at times to do the things you know will better your situation everyday for a month. Trust me, I know, I’ve been there. The inevitable failures along the way can make you feel a bit crushed, since you probably really want to succeed at this, and having an brain riddled with unhealthy patterns can make the failures seem even more horrible. So, you might feel a bit apprehensive about starting a month of self-improvement at all. However, here’s a mantra I want you to remember this month: Nobody has “perfect” mental health!

My video about this topic:

In other words, the “ideal” we’re all chasing probably doesn’t actually exist.

We’re all hoping to feel great, comfortable in our bodies, confident, and feel like we’re moving forward in life. The secret is that there probably will never be an “a-ha” moment for us that feels like the finish line of our journey. We will probably, instead, have multiple finish lines that consist of different periods on our lives. Even when we feel good, we’ll have bad days. So, for this November Mental Health Challenge remember that perfection isn’t the goal.

There is no ideal. Trying to be the you that you were five years ago, before mental illness snatched you up, isn’t the goal either.

The goal is to escape from the clutches of your mind, and allow yourself to live in the moment, and see where that takes you.

Even then, it’ll be a process. Some days will be more of a slump than others, and maybe we won’t be able to get through our goals. However, that disappointment you feel should be used as fuel to propel yourself forward, instead of holding yourself back. Since, that bully in your head that tells you nothing is worth it, that you can’t move on from failure, that the negativity you feel is never going to go away, is your depression.

Being positive through the hard times and allowing yourself to commit to this month, knowing you won’t get through it completely perfectly is brave and amazing. I’m proud of you! Even if you feel just a bit better at the end, you can call it a success. You’ll probably learn something about yourself in the process, too!

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 10.07.31 PM

Remember there is no “ideal” and striving to be happy in life is something everyone is always working on. You’ll never be the same person you were in the past. So working day by day, instead of hoping for perfection, is a much better plan! 🙂

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