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minimalism and time

I’ve been really into minimalism lately. At the very beginning of 2017, and I managed to cull down my wardrobe to only what I really liked. Coming from being quite the shopaholic when I first moved out and had my own income, I feel rather proud! 🙂

I’ve also been trying to work minimalism into my financial life. One huge area of this is eating out; I cook for myself unless I am out with someone else. Saving my restaurant spending for when I’m on a date with my boyfriend, or rewarding myself after a strenuous weekend bike ride with a friend makes it so much more special, and even more delicious! In this area I also have been trying to cut out barista-made coffees whenever possible, so the rare occasion when I do branch away from my daily instant coffee it tastes so good. Plus, those $3-4 coffees do add up!

However, the main topic I wanted to talk about today is minimalism and time!

We often associate minimalism with clothing and aesthetic; that perfect “black and white” vibe that makes it seem like people have it all together. However, something I’ve been trying to figure out is how to take this frugal / fashion mindset I have and push it towards what matters the most in life…time! Since it can often feel like to be a perfect adult we need to have it all. We need to excel in all areas, be ridiculously social, get perfect grades, and on top of it we need to be brilliantly talented in artistic avenues so we’re appealing and interesting. However, that’s not really realistic, is it?

Taking this whole minimalism idea and applying it to time is a wonderful thing, since after you’ve culled out a lot of what’s taking up space in your life, you have more space for what matters. Time is a finite resource, and I’ve realized that when I was younger I was doing a lot of things just because I felt like I should be doing them. Even when I first came to Australia and started university I felt like to be happy and properly integrate I had to join the partying crowd. However, I realized this year that it’s totally okay to make a bit of space in your life, and only do what makes you happy (of course with quite a lot of homework, chores, and other “have-to-do’s” as my mother would say). I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be with this.

The main issue I have with is avoidance.

I am not a very naturally organized person and I’d like to be, and a lot of the stress in my life, I’ve recently discovered, comes from avoiding things due to having a mental block towards not doing the task well enough.

Often-times, the stress I feel is a lot of “ugh I don’t want to do this,” then, “ugh you’re avoiding what you have to do – you’re so lazy and frustrating!” So, if I just got my act together and did what I had to do, everything would be a lot better. Plus, when I just get my mind together and do what I’m avoiding, I always feel a thousand times better.

Since, if you’re organized, and intentional about your time, you can decide what matters to you and what you want to excel at. Since, it’s not possible to be a brilliant master of all trades, you’ll probably just end up kind of mediocre in a lot of areas if you don’t have a bit of focus. So, where is my brain at? Where do I want to focus? I’ve been trying to figure that out, which is why I’m writing this blog post!


– Improve my Japanese level
– Become organized about Jolvie and start creating regularly
– Excel at work, and be focused on the job, really realize how I can tie in what I love to do into my job (I work in Marketing at a healthy food delivery service with quite a lot of creative freedom which currently is stifling me a bit but could be fun if I figured it out better)
– Study and get my act together regarding university
– Realize that I am happier, more productive, and better company, if I plan for some chilled out alone time every week

I think the first step is figuring out what you want to be spending your time on.

Then, you look at what you actually spend your free time on (which for me is watching tons of vegans on YouTube for some reason) and see where you need to shift your focus. 😉

I may be trying out a “time budget.” That way I can allocate a certain amount of time each day to different things. Also, I’ve been told that starting multiple habits at once is a recipe for failure, and the key is to pick one to focus on at a time, and then move onto the next, with an aim to solidify a habit before you try to start a new one. These are more overarching strategies that I should focus on one at a time, and transfer into attainable smaller habits. Like, “study for 5 minutes a day” instead of just “improve Japanese level.”

Anyway…that’s where I’m at with this so far, I’d love to hear your thoughts on time and minimalism as well!

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  1. Seo quinn

    I have been feeling the same way lately. Really trying to do things I want to do and not things I think I shud do because I think it’s normal. And I have the same problem I avoid things then overthink and worry instead of doing it straight away and it being over. Trying to take baby steps everyday with little things and definitely trying to stay away from buying coffee I spend a fortune. Really enjoyed the article

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